Nuclear Medicine


As a pioneer in Spain in the introduction and development of Nuclear Medicine (1963), the Ascires Cetir team has over 50 years of professional and technological experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.



Being pioneers in the implementation of Nuclear Medicine in Spain

At Ascires, we offer the first hybrid centre for this speciality and cutting-edge equipment for diagnosis and treatment. A professional team with extensive experience, capable of performing any test in the international Nuclear Medicine catalogue with flexibility and agility, is key to offering early diagnoses and maximum medical precision.

Technological power

With the continuous incorporation of state-of-the-art medical equipment: first Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Spain; first Positron Emission Tomography – PET equipment; first PET/MRI equipment, with time of flight, in Spain; and the first hybrid Nuclear Medicine centre (Cetir Ascires Viladomat – Barcelona).

Flexibility and agility

At our different centres in Spain, we attend to a significant volume of patients each year by carrying out diagnostic tests (Scintigraphy, PET, PET/MRI, PET/CT), radioguided surgery and metabolic therapy.

With our extensive levels of staffing and technology, we quickly conduct any type of scan described in the international catalogue of Nuclear Medicine. In addition, we select the most suitable type of test, according to the patient and the pathology, in order to obtain the maximum in diagnostic precision.

Our teaching activities

The Ascires Cetir Teaching Unit is one of only two private centres in Spain where the Training of Resident Medical Interns (RMI) in Nuclear Medicine is carried out. During training, we share all our knowledge and experience in addition to all the advances in this speciality. Ascires also collaborates in the training of technical personnel, thanks to the close relationship we maintain with different schools and training centres.

Our treatments

As well as its diagnostic function, Nuclear Medicine also has a therapeutic purpose. The use of radiopharmaceuticals is key in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer and inflammatory arthritis, as well as in the alleviation of metastatic bone pain.