R+D+i Projects


With genetic and diagnostic imaging biomarkers and with our own bioinformatics platforms, we are a strategic partner in the development of R+D+i projects. We reinvest 20% of our profits into R+D+i, with the determination to always be at the forefront of scientific knowledge.



Why Ascires?

We are a key partner in the development of R+D+i projects

  • We are immersed in various research projects of our own and in more than 50 national and international projects.
  • We conceive Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) as a key tool for adding value to the patient, and as a result, we are currently conducting more than 50 research projects.
  • We form part of four international consortia supported by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.
  • We are participating in more than 500 multicentre clinical trials..


We provide the know-how of the very first imaging group in Spain

  • We are able to perform any test described in the international medical catalogue and incorporate new tests that are created through constant technological monitoring and review of international literature.
  • Technicians specialised in clinical and pre-clinical research carry out the acquisition of tests according to the specific protocol stipulated and with the highest quality standards.
  • We have an extensive catalogue of medical imaging biomarkers which are available to the research projects. Our Diagnostic Imaging tests allow us to obtain medical imaging biomarkers that help evaluate the usefulness of the treatments under study.
  • Digital/Virtual Patient: We have regulated image banks, as well as algorithms and experts in Artificial Intelligence and big data to carry out ‘in silico’ studies in the pre-clinical phase.