Leading biomedical group in Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

High Precision Medicine

Over a 50-year trajectory, Ascires is a pioneer biomedical group in Genetics, Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, with high expertise in Radiation Oncology. It develops its activity in its network of Biomedical Clinics in the Valencian Community and Catalonia (Cetir Ascires), as well as for public and private

The value of placing the patient at the heart of our activity

Ascires reinvest an average of 15% of its profits in R+D+I, which allows it to incorporate the latest advances in precision medicine and develop cutting-edge A.I. biomarkers and diagnostic algorithms, which integrate genomic, clinical, and diagnostic imaging data.

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Biomedical Clinics

We shorten the time from when a biomedical technology is validated to when it is made available to each patient. We also combine the full potential of Genetics and the latest technology in Diagnostic Imaging to offer the most accurate diagnosis and the most individualised treatment in a wide range of medical specialities.

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 R+D+i Projects

We help advance science through Diagnostic Imaging and Genetics testing. We participate in the development of R+D+i projects carried out by the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors, to whom we provide a broad portfolio of services and over 50 years of experience.

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