Leading Biomedical Group in Genetics and Diagnostic Imaging

Biomedical precision, Ascires precision

We combine genetics and advanced imaging techniques to offer the most accurate diagnosis and more individualised treatment

Ascires is Spain’s pioneering biomedical group in Genetics, Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, as well as a leader in Radiation Oncology. The Ascires group’s human resources comprise over 700 professionals.

Specialised in diagnosis and treatment, Ascires treats over 500,000 patients each year in public and private hospitals, where it provides cutting-edge Diagnostic Imaging, Genetics and Radiation Oncology services in its own network of biomedical clinics.

Reinvesting 20% of its profits in R+D+i allows the Ascires group to incorporate the latest advances in biomedical technology, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and computer engineering for maximum precision and agility in medical diagnosis and an individualised treatment for each patient.

Our activity


At Ascires Sistemas Genómicos we offer comprehensive solutions for genomic analysis and genetic diagnosis at all stages of the human life cycle. With 20 years of experience and being pioneers in genetic sequencing applied to clinical diagnosis, we are specialised in genomic analysis in the fields of healthcare, agri-food and research.

Diagnostic imaging

Maximum precision and speed in medical diagnosis by combining Imaging and Artificial Intelligence techniques. We integrate the latest medical technology, bioinformatics and our 50 years of experience in Radiology with one objective: to make early and accurate diagnoses.

Nuclear medicine

The Ascires Nuclear Medicine team, with more than 50 years of experience, pioneered the introduction of this medical speciality in Spain and is a leader in the incorporation of leading diagnostic teams and specialised treatment units.

Radiation Oncology

Providing the most efficient and accurate treatment to cancer patients with cutting-edge technology and methods, always seeking to maximise their quality of life during treatment. This is the driving force behind the daily activity of our Radiation Oncology department, the first to introduce image-guided radiotherapy in Spain.

R+D+i Projects

We help advance science through Diagnostic Imaging and Genetics testing. We participate in the development of R+D+i projects carried out by the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors, to whom we provide a broad portfolio of services and over 50 years of experience.

  Biomedical Clinics

We reduce the time from when a biomedical technology is validated to when it is made available to each patient. We also combine the full potential of Genetics and the latest technology in Diagnostic Imaging to offer the most accurate diagnosis and the most individualised treatment in a wide range of medical specialities.

Social drive

The QUAES Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to disseminating medical and scientific advances among patients. Our mission is to share knowledge in a rigorous and accessible way, in order to become a meeting point between society and the scientific, medical and academic fields. All this carried out in collaboration with over 85 patient associations throughout Spain.